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Horst Zuse January 20, 2013


Today, in the whole world Konrad Zuse almost is unanimosly accepted as the creator / inventor of the first free programmable computer with a binary floating point and switching system, which really worked. This machine - called Z3 - was completed in his small workshop in Berlin (Kreuzberg) in 1941.

First thoughts Zuse's about the logical and technical principles are going back to 1934. Konrad Zuse, also created the first programming language (1942-1945) of the world, called the Plankalkül.

Professor Dr. Friedrich L. Bauer (University of München, 1998)

Who was Konrad Zuse? Professor Dr. Friedrich L. Bauer writes:

Konrad Zuse was the creator of the first full automatic, programm controlled and freely programmable, in binary floating point arithmetic working computer. The Z3 was finished in 1941.


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Konrad Zuse (1980).
Machine Z3 (Rebuilt 1961).
Konrad Zuse in the front of the Z3 (1985).

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The new Machine Z3r, rebuilt 2013 by Horst Zuse.